[CYBE] Fast-pace Arena FPS with a Focus on Rockets and Rocket Jumping

Hello Yall,
I just decided to make this thread to post a DevLog of my development of Cybe, a Fast-pace Arena FPS with the focus on diffrent types of rockets and HEAVILY supporting rocket jumping (google it if you dont know). The idea came from me working on a CS:GO (again google) clone when I jokingly said “You should add Rocket Jumping Milan (my friend making a wizard FPS in the TeamSpeak server) :smiley: .” He replied, “I don’t want to make a game where people just rocket jump around.” IDEA! So I converted my CS:GO like FPS (at the time it was just basic shooting and health) to a rocket shooter. I uped the movement speed and added a raidial force to the rocket and stared to have fun. I spent hours jumping around and it was quite fun. So then came the idea of having multiple rocket types, to spice it up. So then I added the “Big Rocket” which was slow and heavy hittings. Then I built and did a play test. Turns out it was VERY Overpowered, since at close range it was a insta-kill and impossible to avoid. So I removed it and started work on the “Orbitial Strike” which is an idea I got from the Battlefront E3 Gameplay Trailer. I made it from shooter assets and besides for a werid engine engine crash on first-play it worked perfectly. So I uploaded a test:

Then I took a break to work on multiplayer backend and API for some friends and my own games, AtecConnect (Thread coming later if requested). I recently came back to the project and made a load-out screen and 2 other rockets. That will be covered in the next post. Thank you all for reading and if you have and questions for requests, Im open to it :smiley: - AtecStudio’s VictoryForPhil (aka BlackSKY415)

G’Day M8’s,
Just going to to talk about my Loadout screen to edit what rockets you bring into the game. I’ll show you the video showing it off then discuss how its done, hopefully to help others also to get suggestions on how to improve it.

So the loadout system currently allows the player to select a rocket type per loadout slot (currently 3 slots) that are then saved locally and then assigned to the number keys in game. All of this is saved locally which is nice so the players don’t have to set up the loadout each time let load the game.

Now the rocket data is all loaded a data table made from the RocketData Struct. That allows the implantation of new rockets easy. The process goes (New Blueprint from Rocket Class, Write the unique logic, Add a table row and Assign the values. Done! It automatically loads all the data from the table so i appears in the loadout screen with out any work :smiley:

Now the slots are stored in the game instance currently, I can easily change it a DataTable but currently how the loadout system works, storing it in the GameInstance is the best option. The Variable in the instance is just a Array of SlotData assets, which is currently just a string (name) and a type (enum thats either Rocket or Sidearm, going to add sidearms later) and a class that is the assigned object, in this case RocketData. This array is also used in-game to read the loadout since the RocketData also stores the class that is used to spawn the actor. As you can I like Structs, thank you Epic :smiley: Sorry if this may be hard to follow, if u you have questions please ask. - AtecStudio’s VictoryForPhil (aka BlackSKY415)

Howdy There Partner,
I kinda forgot to mention the other 2 rockets in the last thread :confused: Well sorry, awesome devs are people too :slight_smile: Anyway as shown in the video I started work on two new rockets, the Bounce and the Slam (both are work in progress). Later when I start doing more updates Ill post the stats of the rockets, but Im not home right now so I don’t have the table in front of me :confused:

The Bounce rocket is a rocket, that as the name states, bounces. It has a low speed and a high gravity scale, so it falls quickly. The rocket bounce and after x numbers of bounces it explodes. Its meant to be used as a indoor, close quarters clearing rocket. I may add a ricochet rocket that bounces once but is higher speed and lower gravity, so you can bounce it off a wall. May be cool.

The Slam, like the Orbital Strike, its a rocket that attacks from the sky. You first select a target, by Looking at your target point and Middle Clicking. Then you can shoot the rocket, after a second it will shooter up for 3 second, then it will shoot at a quick rate twords your target. Its meant for being used in a area where you know people will be constantly, so you can quickly shot them off and if luckily, pick up an easy kill :wink: - AtecStudios’s VictoryForPhil (aka BlackSKY415)

Never was a fan of rocket jumping, but I know an endless stream of TF2 players who disagree :smiley: Better than Bunnyhopping anyway!

I know that this does aim for a certain audience, but the game can be played with just running around, the movement speed is so fast that is doesn’t hurt too much, plus I’m going to add LineTrace weapons which should make is easier to hit those who are rocket jumping which was an issue for some testers. Also if you have any ideas for movement mechanics I’m all hears, I don’t play many arena base shooters so Im not fimular with many movement mechanics.