Cy RealTime Debug Value [Blueprint]

Cy EditorTools - Real Time Debug Value


For Marketplace , currently in development , coming soon.


[UE4]Cy EditorTools - RealTime DebugValue Curve (WIP) - YouTube

**These different tools allow to visualize values on screen with advanced modules using widgets and blueprint editor.

Three modules are available, visualization by text (unreal engine style), by a curve or even by a bar, the whole works in real time and allows to visualize the behavior of a value.

A tool allows you to manage and create value groups using a simple function, it is also possible to save a demo in a file and read it again to make comparisons.

Feature :
-Draw Text value en screen
-Draw Realtime tick curve
-Draw Bar value range
-Make text group
-Make Float Value group
-Make Curve group**

I’ve read in your comment on the product page, that a 2.0 version is underway. Any details, what will be added/changed?

PS: That user question dealt with the asset being set to only support engine version 4.22, while you answered that “the current version is fully compatible with 4.24 and 4.23, because it’s fully blueprint.” In that case you can easily set that for your product with a checkbox - you don’t need to submit any new files.

Log into your Publisher Portal, go to “My Products”, select the relevant product, scroll down to “PROJECT VERSIONS” and click the edit icon for “Supported Engine Versions”. There, update your check-boxes.

No work at all and your product doesn’t look abandoned to potential customers.