"Cutting holes" into theIsland ocean water plane

Hey, I’m kinda new to working with the dev kit, but I’m figuring it out as I go. I added my ocean and all relative components and i want to make a valley/ gorge(?) that goes under the water plane. I can’t find anything to help me like cut a hole into the water plane where I want the lower portions to be. Can someone help me out?

goto youtube and search for the user Exilog. He has some good mapping tuts and I think he covers that

ya. I’ve watched his vids and I’m not seeing it. Could you give me a link to one if you know which?

I’ve never watched them because I haven’t delved into mapping yet, but I think it’s the one for doing caves since you gotta cut a hole for that

I’m gonna bump. I visited the YouTubers page and watched the cave tutorials. It’s not on there. Anyone else have any ideas?

You can’t cut holes in the water plane, it’s a static mesh.