cutting holes in landscape, how to fill them?

Can someone pls make a video tutorial how to makes holes and how to fill them…
cant find any now …
I dont want to create a cave for now, i just want to connect 2 holes to each oher…
In the cryengine, if you cut 2 holes, the editor gives you the possibility to connect those holes using the excisting landscape, creating a tube then…
can find that option in the EU4

so a hole/cave tutorial should be great :slight_smile:

here you make 2 holes and make the tubes out of assets you have, I use rock assets for my caves and tunnels for the slightly bigger ones i make a new landscape as the floor

yes i get that for caves :slight_smile:
but i want, like in the island on the snow biome, there is a hole and above linked 2 hills, 1 in water, 1 in land, so they cut out both sides a hole and they fill it in with the same materials as on the ground…
someone make a video pls

I believe ive found the area your talking about, They placed down 2 rocks leaving a empty space between them, they didnt use the hole tool

this is the area, u can build on it, so dont think they are rocks…cant see in edeitor, because cant load the map :frowning:
I want to create something simualr, but through a ramp in editor, so need to cut holes in it :frowning:


again they placed 2 rocks leaving a empty space between them, they did not use the hole tool or anything like that