[CUTSCENE] FF7 Remake Ifrit Cinematic Fanart


I am a character artist by trade. Just joined today. I want to dive deep into Unreal by doing a project as the thread title says. I am making a fanart of Ifrit from FF7 Remake but my own version. The final output will be a short cutscene with a basic animation either just idle or summon if I have more time.

My goals on this project are the following:

  • lookdev for characters
  • setting up Ifrit as an NPC
  • applying simple cloth physics on him
  • applying flame effects (his forearms are in flames)
  • applying ember sparks as he moves around
  • idle or summon animation
  • triggering animation so i can witness it in first person in-game
  • setting up a scene or diorama using free assets from marketplace
  • basic lighting
  • cinematic camera shots
  • playing around camera effects
  • rendering out cinematic footage

Currently, I just finished the highpoly sculpt. I attached some renders below. Moving on to the low res meshes and texturing.
I joined so I can start reading up stuff here in preparation for after the texturing phase. If there is any specific thread you think I can look into now, please do let me know. And thank you in advance!

Looking forward to learning a lot here!!