Cut scene Matinee camera - camera pauses until keyboard input

Hi everyone,

What i’m trying to do.

Matinee camera at start of game paused and waiting for a key press on the keyboard.
After key is pressed camera moves to key frame 2 and pauses waiting for key press, etc.

muchos thanks.

This should point you into the right direction:


I watched the video but haven’t seen anything relevant… Maybe I’ve missed something ? I’m too looking for a solution to the same problem as FrogOnWheels’. Thanks for any tips about this ! :slight_smile:

Look into Event Track. You can use keys on Event track to pause Matinee at a specific time and then resume with key input. But make sure Rewind on Play is NOT enabled for the Matinee actor.

Thanks a lot for the swift reply, Jacky ! I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

Hm, sorry to sound like a lazy ***, but I’m hitting a rock here. I have created an Event Track, set up the event keys, and got the Matinee Controller alright. But I have tried a lot of nodes, but I can’t manage to get the “Enter” key node linked to the Matinee Contoller; What I want to do is to make a pause on the timeline, and then make it pause until you hit “Enter”. Right now, it just plays all the director timeline and then goes on the game.
Could anyone have some pointers, please ? Thanks by advance !

How does your level blueprint look like? It works for me when i set it up like this:


It works perfectly, thank you very much !

As for what did my Blueprint looked like ? Like a mess. I’m not a developer and Blueprint logic is still puzzling me. I’m like a poultry in front of a Rubick’s cube. Let’s give us some time…