Cut out Texture from Texture possible?

I have been trying to find out a way to do UMG UI textures a lot easier and I wanted to find something like the Unity Sprite Editor. With that you cut out your textures and use them for UI or for materials etc. I want to find something similar inside UE4.
I looked at vector positions in materials but you can’t really select different sizes. The paper2d seems to have what I want but I’m not suer you can put it into umg.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I’m trying to conserve space for mobile development so instead of have a lot of pictures separately I would like to gather them up to make it less space.


UMG not supporting atlasing. UE4 has its own strategy for this. You can read about this in forums:

Yes, you can also create shader with needed functions for cutting your atlas and use it, but I’m not sure that is good idea.