Cut-out animations in UE4


We are into the creation of a 2D game. We want everything to be 2D (planes) and come from a flash, unity3d background where the creation of cutout animations where really ease. Spine seems not to be there yet with a ue4 runtime. So, could anybody bring some light about some workflows to work with cut-out animations in UE4?

Thanks in advance.

With cut-out animation you mean something like southpark or just like 2d sprites? :// :slight_smile:

I mean this ?v=_3REunBvteU

Nothing like an example :).


You could do that with a basic rigg -> animate it -> normally import it into the ue4 :slight_smile:

I think you mean to use things like blender, 3ds , etc… to do this. The problem is that this programs are not optimized to create 2d content. If you have a look at Spine software you will see it is something crafted with a sole purpose: Create amazing 2D cut-out animations.

I could be wrong, but using what you suggested breaks the great work flow that one can gain by using things like spine or unity keyframe animator.

There’s also an asset called puppet2d in unity that works really well (it assembles to spine) for this type of things.

This is why I was looking for something like this on UE4.

Do a search for Anime Studio. It’s a cheap alternative. I’ve used it to make easy animations in the past. Haven’t used it combined with UE4 though. But you could use it and just export each frame separately and then combine them into a flipbook?