Customizing Breeding/Growth Logic

Hi folks,

I’m not new to UE4, but I am new to the ARK kit and am extremely used to having full access to the code when I attempt to tinker with things.

What I’m looking for is a way to customize the logic that dictates breeding and growth and in the end hopefully be able to implement some form of plant reproduction with genomes and bonuses.

I want to modify the weight calculations on baby dinosaurs so that they can start holding more food faster but increase the amount of time that it takes for them to reach adult hood.

The first things that I think I would have to do:

  1. unlink the weight from the growth progress
  2. add a new value to a dinosaur inventory if isn’t 100% growth (or maybe if is a baby – not sure what the ark way would be at this point)
  3. apply a custom curve on the weight formula instead of a linear growth – this would probably also be able to up the spawn time if I did this curve correctly

For breeding customization I would like to add some sort of genome set up for inheriting colors and a more dominant/recessive trait inheritance instead of the flat percent to gain higher stats.

I’ve looked around the editor and would have expected more blueprint features if they aren’t providing any C++, I attempted to download a couple of mods and look at them, but this also did not work. Can anyone provide insight on where to get started? I’ve watched the tutorials and it doesn’t seem complex, I think I’m more of in a brain-block state.