Customized vehicles in-game

Hi everyone !
Before begin i would like to prevent, my english is bad, it’s not my first language ^^

So i’ll try to explain to you our problem …

We try to make a customized system of vehicles, like in Rocket League (Garage) or like in any cars game … We have the diferents parts of vehicles independently, and we would like to be able to change the differents parts (Wheels, motor, and cie you understound …)
The problem is, we don’t know how to do, and we can’t find a tutorial on it, cuz we don’t know how it’s called (So we find tutorials on “how to customize vehicles” by example but it’s to modify the mesh in blender and export to UE …)

So i hope you understound what i’m saying and hope you could oriented me in the good way by a tutorial by example, or projects example …

With much love, Jonathan.

You can always use skelethal meshes. Don’t know if you are familiar with them but if you use car’s main body (which will never change) for example only reinfocement struts or anything you want. After that you can add as many sockets as you want to that skeleton and attach to them other components with “attach to component” function, if you are working with blueprints system. Even though it’s not about cars but this tutorial might give you some idea how it works “”](