Customize Pawn Tutorial


I’ve been working through a lot of material with Unreal recently. I wen’t through a few tutorials, got my editor functioning and publishing with android. Using VS 2017 Ent. and it took some work to get everything functional with all the software and libraries.

So I was working through this tutorial:

When I get to the point in step 1 where I add the code to MyPawn.cpp there is an issue shown on these lines:
// Create a camera and a visible object
UCameraComponent* OurCamera = CreateDefaultSubobject<UCameraComponent>(TEXT(“OurCamera”));
OurVisibleComponent = CreateDefaultSubobject<UStaticMeshComponent>(TEXT(“OurVisibleComponent”));

It tells me “identifier UCameraComponent is undefined”.

I went all the way through the demo anyway because it seems to compile and function sort of but because of this some of the next steps start to not match up and in the end the demo does not work (functional never occurs).

I’ve spend some time trying to figure out if it could be an error in the sample and tried looking up the methods involved (even looking at how used in other samples). I just don’t get it, can anyone help? It’s as though I’m missing a reference or something.

A couple other things things that are confusing me at this stage (noob stuff) are (may or may not be related):

After I create a new C++ object (pawn in this case) Visual Studio opens with the engine and project loaded. As I’m working (every time I’ve used it so far) after a few minutes a new instance of Visual Studio will open with just the 2 files (in this case MyPawn.cpp and .h). I’ll see if this will let me post SS below. Anyone understand this behavior? The interop with Visual Studio has a few foibles so far and I suspect as I understand the interactions better I’ll be able to mitigate.

Lastly in Solution Explorer I note that the engine and the solution are marked like this (another screenshot):
UE4 (Visual Studio 2015)
SolutionName (Visual Studion 2015)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.