Customize Orthographic viewport settings?


I have a question about orthographic viewports customization.

I making a side-scroller game. In it camera looks to “-X” world direction. This is created from template project.

With this camera I use “Front” orthographic viewport for level construction.

But this viewport have camera world direction “+X”, and I should ever remember that everything is reversed. Sometimes it’s a little bit confusing and leads to errors.

So, is it possible to reverse “Front” viewport camera somehow?


Hi redbox,

It is not currently possible to reverse the orthographic viewport. However, we do have a Feature Request for this in our tracking software and our developers will be looking into it. Hopefully you will see this option in a future update.

If you’re not to far into development, the workaround would be to select all of the geometry and rotate it 180 degrees. I know this isn’t ideal but it would correct the issue.



Ok, I see.

It really would be great to have more options for viewports cameras. Maybe you can make it like View Cube in Maya or just add more orthographic viewports (Left, Right, Front, Back, Top, Bottom)

Thank you.

I agree. Luckily the report we have entered is asking for every orthographic view to have the option of front, back, left, right, top, and bottom. I think that would make things much easier.

Is it possible to do already?

Hi DanRaigor,

This isn’t currently in 4.7.2, however it has been added to our latest internal build. You should see this as part of a future update.