Customize existing DetailsCustomization?

Is there a way you can get a reference to an existing DetailsCustomization and then modify it from your own plugin? In my example I want to add some additional options to a dropdown in the FMediaPlayerCustomization. Should I just modify the existing class or would it be possible to override the existing details customization with my own code?

This way if my plugin is not enabled they get the default implementation and then if my plugin is enabled they get my customized implementation?


I don’t think you can modify an existing one. You need to write a customization class of your own, and register that in your plugin StartupModule method.
As far as I can tell, if you register a customization it will override anything already there. So if you want the existing functionality plus a small alteration or addition, you essentially have to copy the source code. This is pretty annoying, I’d be interested to know from Epic if there’s a better approach for this.