Customize class defaults

I was doing some investigation about UE editor customization and found some very useful tutorials like this one or this one. However there are two things that are not clear to me:

  • Is it posible to customize how properties inside class defaults are displayed in the editor?

For some reason I cannot make customizations work with class defaults. In my case I created a base class to represent the quests in my game, and each game quest is a class that extends my base class so I could leverage on the editor to configure quest objectives and quickly set up quest variables, via the default values for each different quest class.
There are a few variables associated with quest objectives however, that are slightly more complex and I’d like to customize how I set them up in the default values of my quest classes (for example create a custom asset picker for me to work with those variables)

  • Is it possible to create a custom picker that references a object that resides inside another object?

Let me try to explain: Imagine that on my quest objective I want to refer to a quest objective that resides inside another quest, or maybe I want to pick a node that exists inside of a dialog tree, or perhaps a an specific node of a behavior tree (I know this last example doesn’t make much sense, but I just want to list examples of types objects that I’m trying to select with a custom picker)