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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Customizable Walls is material asset pack that utilizes one master material for as many wall variations you want. The pack’s content includes brick, plaster, stone, mossy, painted, concrete, and popcorn walls for you to blend and customize.

There are a total of 63 wall instances that show off some of the customization options you have with this pack. You can use these immediately as-is or use them as a base to customize to your own project’s standards.

I have made 13 wall texture sets, 9 of which include their own Base Color, Normal, AORH, and Color Mask textures. The other 4 are made specifically for blending, and include their own Base Color, Normal, and AORH texture sets. Also included are 3 Roughness textures that you can use to override any of the Roughness maps found within the provided AORH textures, for a total of 51 different textures all uniquely made for this pack.

These textures are used with the provided wall material instance that includes these settings: vertex painting, tessellation strength and optimization, roughness and normal strength adjustment, color adjustment, texture tiling and offset.

**Brief Technical Summary ** [HR][/HR][SPOILER]• Two-way wall texture blending with contrast and color adjustment for more believable wall results with different blend surfaces. Paint unique details onto your wall meshes using the color mode of Vertex Blending (Shift+2). Information about what paint channel does what can be found within the Overview map notes along with more detailed user information.

• 9 of the 13 texture sets contain a ColorMask that lets you change the colors of four different regions on the texture. These textures should be applied to the texture inputs within the Texture Settings section of the material instance.

• The other 4 texture sets are provided for blending with the Texture Setting inputs. These textures should be applied to the Blend Settings section of the instance. You may also change these texture’s universal color during blending.

• I have included 3 “Wetness” roughness maps that let you override any of the given Roughness maps found within any of the AORH textures, assuming you don’t like or want to use them. These are input to the “Roughness Override” settings, and controlled with the “Roughness Override Strength” slider.

• Tessellation options that control the strength, subdivision, and falloff of the wall’s Height map. This includes the tessellation optimization settings. I suggest you use your own high resolution wall meshes for accurate and clean tessellation results with my materials.[/SPOILER]

Enjoy! Further information can be found on the marketplace page as well as in the Overview map.

**Marketplace Link **

Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have. I will also use this topic for future updates. More pictures can be found on the marketplace listing linked above.

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I have just lowered the price of this pack to $19.99 thanks to Epic’s new 88-12 revenue share split with marketplace developers.

Thank you. Always keep an eye on my products for new content updates and discounts. I like to keep myself busy.

Customizable Walls is now on sale for 20% off during the marketplace sale event. Enjoy!

Customizable Walls is currently 30% off to celebrate the holiday season as well as the coming new year. Customizable Roads is also on sale as well.

I hope you all had a nice and merry Christmas!

A new content update has just been added that includes 3 new wall texture sets with a customizable grunge direction.

Also included is a masking feature that allows you to add a layer of paint, grout, etc. that you can customize on top of both wall blend and paint layers. I cleaned up the master material so everything is much more organized, and you can make changes easier.

An entirely new section of the overview map has been added to explain the new masking feature.

Kind Regards!

To celebrate the release of Customizable Floors, I have put Customizable Walls on sale for 50% off! After this sale event, the product price will be permanently lowered to $14.99. Enjoy!

Customizable Walls has now been set to $14.99. Happy customizing!

Hi, sorry for newbie question, but does the wall have to use the PlanarReflectionPlane mesh? I was hoping to use this to change some walls (of various shapes) by applying the materials and using the blend mode.

Sorry for the late response. You can use these materials with any custom mesh you have! The PlanarReflectionPlane mesh was just a default-engine mesh that I selected to demonstrate the material assets.

This pack is now on sale for 50% off for a limited time. Enjoy!