Customizable Terrain Materials

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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Customizable Terrain is a material asset pack that includes 16 unique landscape texture sets made to be suitable for overall terrain purposes, intended on being as accommodating as possible for your special environment’s needs. These textures are strong enough to be used individually for smaller projects with your own custom master materials, or made to blend together and compliment custom terrain assets you have.

With these texture sets, I have made 15 material instances with certain themes to help you get started customizing. The parameters to this landscape material are simple, as they emphasize straightforward layer blending with simple distance-based tessellation.

The primary goal of this pack is to provide you with good looking multi-use terrain textures that can be made to fit into any one of your environments, at an affordable price.

**Brief Technical Summary ** [HR][/HR][SPOILER]• By default, there are 4 landscape layers provided for you to create and paint customize terrain material instances with. The master material is organized so that you may add more layers as needed at your own discretion.

• 16 terrain texture sets (BC, N, and AORH) that can have their colors customized to fit together and into your unique environments.

• Optional distance-based tessellation, with uniform settings applied across all layers by default.

• Roughness override parameters as well as 3 custom roughness (wetness) maps that can be used to replace the roughness textures found within any of the provided landscape texture sets.[/SPOILER]

Enjoy! More details can be found on the marketplace page as well as in the Overview map.

**Marketplace Link **

Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have. I will also use this topic for future updates. More pictures can be found on the marketplace listing.

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I submitted a day one update for Epic to review, which includes substantial improvements to the Overview map and provided terrain examples.

I actually will probably end up using something from your example code, for an in-game map – the sample outlines look really similar to a mock-up I did in Lightwave, so should work very nicely for a first-pass cleanmaster.