Customizable Rocks

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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Customizable Rocks is an asset pack that can be used to make various types of rock formations for different types of landscapes and environments, which will define your level geometry or simply add detail to your terrain. The material includes multi-layered automatic texture blending for significant detail for both up close and far away.

Drag and drop your own rock textures to blend with the base textures I provide, or override them completely. Customize the parameters to your liking to adjust color, normal strength, detail blending, and more for rocks in rain, snow, or shine. There is a rotation-based blend layer which can be used for moss, sand, or snow - all of which I have also included as textures.

**Brief Technical Summary ** [HR][/HR][SPOILER]
• Automatic Fine Detail Blending, Custom Rock Texture Blending, and Moss / Surface Texture Blending.

• Customizable parameters which can create various styles of rocks in various types of environments.

• Fully omni-directional rocks. I took advantage of every single side for all 21 models.[/SPOILER]

Enjoy! Further information can be found on the marketplace page as well as in the Overview map.

**Marketplace Link **

Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have. I will also use this topic for future updates. More pictures can be found on the marketplace listing linked above.

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