Customizable Road Materials

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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Welcome! Customizable Roads is a multi-purpose material asset pack that gives developers the customization they need for their road-ready environments. This pack can be used to create concrete, asphalt, cement, tarmac, brick, cobblestone, etc. surfaces for any type of environment in any kind of weather condition, whether it’s rain, snow, or shine. You can make parking lots too.

You can also have up to six individual marking mask inputs within one instance for any of your roads. With these masks, it’s easy to change their individual colors and adjust their position on the surface of your chosen texture. At any time you can import your own lane marking masks for more complex road systems.

While optional, the vertex blending settings included in this pack are very useful and can add a whole new dimension to your roads. Using the road texture settings in conjunction with the vertex blend settings can be a powerful tool for making any road texture fit into your own unique environments.

I designed this asset pack to be as efficient and useful as possible for developers who want final, high quality roads in their project for shipping.

The customizable decal material can be used to make decals for crosswalks, parking spots, turn lanes, stop lines, patchwork, etc. that you can customize the textures and colors of. At any time you can import your own decal masks and textures for easy integration into the decal material instance.

**Brief Technical Summary ** [HR][/HR][SPOILER]• Currently there are 9 uniquely-detailed road texture sets made just for tihs pack. Each set is made up of four textures: a BaseColor, Normal, AORH, and ColorMask.

• Change up to 4 different road color settings for each texture set, as well as control the set’s Normal and Roughness intensities to define its surface style.

• If the AORH Roughness map is not adequate for your needs, you can use the Roughness Override settings to replace it. I have provided 3 individual Roughness, or “Wetness” maps for this purpose.

• Each texture set multiple unique variation instances that show off some of their potential settings, as well as a default instance to start editing from scratch with. In total, there are 79 material instances; 61 of which are roads.

• There are 8 road marking masks to start you out with. I designed these masks with the idea that you can export them and make changes based on your own needs. These masks also help you determine the lane width for roads with more than two lanes, generally speaking.

• Vertex blending settings for Roughness, Normal, and BaseColor painting within color mode. Using this, you can paint in puddles, control their reflective intensity (inverted settings can be used to paint out unwanted details from your Rouhness map), make smoothed surface areas, and color/texture variation.

• 12 decal masks for use with the decal master material inputs that you can customize in the same style as the road marking masks. It is also just as easy to import and integrate your own masks for use with it.[/SPOILER]
You can read more thorough technical specifications on the marketplace listing, so I hope you’ll check it out!

**Marketplace Link **

Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have. I will also use this topic for future updates. More pictures can be found on the marketplace listing.