Customizable Puddle Decals

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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Customizable Puddles uses a set of 21 uniquely made masks, which can be adjusted in size, shape, and color, to create puddle decals of various different styles, which can include paint, oil, water, and goo.

Within the Material Instance, you can input up to two of the five provided water ripple normals and adjust their strength, speed, and scale to create anything from realistic puddles to stylized cartoon puddles. Alternatively, if you just need simple highlights, you may choose to disable these textures entirely.

I have also included the ability for you to adjust the intensity of the water roughness and emissive. At any time you can substitute the given puddle masks and ripple normals for your own, as custom content integration is as simple as it can be.

**Brief Video Summary ** [HR][/HR]Instead of outlining a technical overview here like I normally do, I have decided to keep it simple with one video:

Customization Overview

The technical overview notes are found on the marketplace listing, and more elaborate technical information can be found in the notes section of the Overview map.

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Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have.

I don’t know what’s wrong with 4.21 but the puddle decals look like Milk Stains… I’ve tried messing with the shader, but I feel others must be having this issue, so I want to leave it to the developer to fix this.

It looks like if you take the M_Puddle_Master, and change it from [Material->DecalBlendMode->Stain] to [Material->DecalBlendMode->DBuffer Transluscent Normal Roughness] it works as I would expect. This is in the material Parameters, (select the master node that everything is connected to and look in the details panel for those attributes)
Note: the emissive component doesn’t come through then, unless you go to the color setting, but then all of them are milky again… so until this is fixed it’s an either or situation.

I made sure to double check and it looks and works how it should be on my end. Please see my attachment. I would have never submitted this for 4.21 if I knew it would be broken.

What I think happened is you changed your renderer to mobile, causing the shaders to compile incorrectly. I warn against the use of this master material with mobile development in the marketplace comments, as it results in the problems you are showing.

I am not sure what else it could be. If you have other ideas let me know.

No, I didn’t set this up for mobile. But I was using a VR Template and then set the renderer to deferred, since I need some skin shading, to start this project, and I am using a Planar Reflection Map, which has some rendering things for clipping planes enabled… I now get what looks like a post process filter, where everything is blue, when I put down one of these puddle assets… which makes no sense, and even re-computing lighting doesn’t solve the issue.

I don’t mean to “Blame” you for not checking, I’m sure you do, I’m merely reporting what I saw, and trying to go through the process to make it work, and documenting the issues, and resolutions I have found, so that others may be able to try and check things, without having to eliminate things I have already tried.

The blue post process type effect is only when one of the puddle assets is in the view frustum, once you leave the area it disappears. This is also with the Material->DecalBlendMode->DBuffer Transluscent Normal Roughness on, so who knows how that affects the post process ??

Very strange as this should work fine with deferred - maybe changing renderers breaks the material and makes it compile incorrectly regardless of compatibility. Have you purged the content from your project and re-imported it?

If this doesn’t work, then perhaps you will get a better answer from an engine developer from the Answers Hub, as I believe the problem could be an engine issue.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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