Customizable Path Materials

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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Customizable Paths is a material pack that allows you to customize dirt, snow, sand, cobblestone, gravel, and grass textures in order to create paths and trails that easily fit into your game environments.

I have included two master materials: one for spline meshes and one for landscapes. There are a total of 58 material instances that showcase only a fraction of the different settings that can help you get started with creating your own custom trails with matching terrain. These instances utilize different combinations of the 15 provided texture sets, and every texture set is composed of three textures: a Base Color, Normal, and AORH. 6 of the 15 texture sets also include a Color Mask for further customization within the path material instance.

While the main focus of this material pack is for use with splines, you can also use any of the provided textures to paint generic paths onto your landscape using the landscape material. The landscape material can also be used as method of blending the spline mesh materials in with the terrain.

**Brief Technical Summary ** [HR][/HR][SPOILER]• Two-way path texture blending that lets you paint unique details onto any of your spline meshes using the color mode of Vertex Blending (Shift+2). Please note that your mesh will have to be somewhat subdivided for more accurate painting results. Information about what paint channel does what can be found within the Overview notes along with more elaborate user information. The landscape material includes 3-way texture layering.

• There are a total of 15 texture sets. 6 of the 15 texture sets include a ColorMask for up to 4 different color change options within the path material. These textures would be applied to the Texture Settings category of the instance.

• The other 9 textures are suitable for general, non-directional blending between the Texture Settings inputs. While these do not include a Color Mask, you can still change their primarily color for more accurate texture blending between your splines and terrain. These textures would be applied to the Blend Settings category of the path instance. These textures can also be used for simplified painted paths within the terrain material.

• 3 “Wetness” textures that allow you to override the Roughness maps found within the AORH textures. Just slide the “Roughness Intensity” setting to zero, and then increase the “Roughness Override Intensity” setting.

• The path tessellation features let you to get the most out of each texture - primarily the cobblestones - without sacrificing too much performance. Included with this are optimization settings for the distance and multiplication (or subtraction) of tessellated polygons, all within the path material instance.[/SPOILER]

Enjoy! More details can be found on the marketplace page as well as in the Overview map.

**Marketplace Link **

Customizable Paths is the sister pack to Customizable Roads and its texture content can be used interchangeably. (Marketplace Link) (Forum Link)

Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have. I will also use this topic for future updates. More pictures can be found on the marketplace listing.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I am still having trouble. I have applied one of the materials to my static mesh road and then applied the ML_Path_06_Grass to the mesh, but I do not see the nice transition from the dirt to the grass. Please see my image.

Thank you in advance. And I apologize, I am still relatively new to UE4.