Customizable Floor Materials

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**Introduction ** [HR][/HR]Customizable Floors is a material asset pack that lets you create and customize various different styles of wood, concrete, and stone floors. This pack includes 45 material instances and 57 textures that give you various custom made floors, clean or dirty, new or old, for your unique environments. The primary emphasis on the floor content included in this pack revolves around wooden and stone floors, with versatile grunge masking textures that include dirt, mold, and concrete.

This will be a quick outline as the features are similar to my other Advanced Materials packs, but now more robust. This pack pairs well with content in Customizable Walls!

Quick Overview [HR][/HR]
[SPOILER]• Blend Settings which lets you add and customize blend texture sets (BC, N, AORH) for use with Vertex Painting on your floor mesh. This is painted over the Texture Settings inputs.

• Optional Mask Settings which allow you to add custom grunge masks with various adjustment settings to get the right dirty look for your floor. I include 6 grunge masks for you to start out with!

• Texture Settings that allow you to change up to four different color quadrants in the provided floor texture sets (BC, N, AORH, CM).[/SPOILER]

The technical overview notes are found on the marketplace listing, and more elaborate technical information can be found in the notes section of the Overview map.

**Marketplace Link **

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Feel free to use this topic for any questions or suggestions that you may have.

Looks good! Is it possible to use the master material from the walls pack with this? Would save me a material.

Yes! And thanks for your continued support, too. People like you are why I can keep releasing newer products at lower prices.

You could also get away with re-purposing some of these wood textures as walls, particularly if you utilize the masking feature to use them for wall trimmings. I made sure to provide some variation with the wood plank texture patterns for this reason. You’ll just have to rotate the textures.

Rated 5 stars, you well deserve it. Everything in your assets is done right, from the material set up to the textures. I was also that guy who contacted you about the TemporalAA issue.

Thanks, I can really make use of some wood walls!

Thank you - everything I publish to the marketplace is custom made for it. I do not recycle any content from old projects, nor do I reuse the same textures across different asset packs. Everything is different, down to the wetness and grunge maps. I also make sure there is more than enough re-usability for each pack. I am very happy to see that someone has noticed the effort that goes into these products. I appreciate your review!