Customizable Deadly Traps

**Customizable Deadly Traps

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Hey everyone, we are about to submit a new package called Customizable Deadly Traps.

What is it?
This pack contains multiple trap meshes and a complete Blueprint framework which makes them 100% drag and drop, ready to use in your games. From Spike traps, to Guillotines, this pack has it all!

Static Meshes

Multiple Material Instances

See them in action here!

Traps included:
Cannons with projectiles

Falling Spikes


Pendulum traps (Multiple meshes)

Projectile Blueprint

Spike Traps

Spinning Blades

Spiked Log


Highly customizable Material instances
Multiple useful Material functions
100% Drag and drop ready to go feature
Change default meshes and materials
Customizable Blueprint behaviors

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This looks awesome - just what I need :smiley:

The idea is very good, all the assets are fun! :wink:

On the other hand, I think some materials need more work: ie by example, i am not convinced by the falling spikes metal material and the spikes of the ‘Spikes trap’…and by some other materials.
Perhaps take more care about the PBR thing. Well it’s not a big deal since the overall pack looks very fun but just more attention to the materials would be good imo.

Keep up the nice work!

Looks cool, reminds me of the Wheel of Time game, with it’s Citadel multiplayer mode.

Thank you for you interest and suggestions, glad you like it! We will work on the material definition before submitting, there are several material functions to create infinite variations. We hope you appreciate how customizable and flexible the package is!

Hey everyone, just to let you know that you will be able to get the package on UE Marketplace next week! Thanks a lot for your support and suggestions :smiley:

I will leave you with the technical details:

Number of Blueprints: 13
List of Features:
-Pendulum traps: Use axe or any mesh you want, play with pendulum rate, change the wire length and mesh, change polar angles and coil sphere radius, add force applied to impact.
-Projectile: Change projectile speed, radius and toggle physics simulation.
-Cannon: Modify the bullet speed, firing delay and projectile radius, toggle gravity for projectiles.
-Guillotine: Adjust play rates, change activation mode to trigger or timed, increase loop delay.
-Floor Spikes: Change speed rate and toggle activation mode to trigger or timed.
-Spinning Blades: Change number of blades, revolutions per second, transition rates and intervals.
-Spinning Log: Change revolutions per second, transition rates and intervals.
-Trapdoor: Modify the time before closing.
-Falling Spikes: Modify trap height, play and return rates, activation mode to trigger or timed and delay time.

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: 2048x2048
Collision: Automatically generated.
Vertex Count: Lowest: 68, Highest: 3060, All assets have a promedy of 776 vertices.
LODs: No.
Number of Meshes: 19
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 21 Materials, 23 Material Instances, 11 Material Functions.
Number of Textures: 69


Looks great, just what was needed :slight_smile:

Hi Mauriccio

very, very impressive! Are essential and iconic traps!!!

These things are capable of causing damage (Pain or Death) to the player, is Damage Causer? There is an example for this?
It would be great to work using a Damage Causer example also. What do you think about using a configurable damage ammount in each trap? Why not medieval cages, mousetraps and bear traps???


Hi Luny, of course. All traps are completely scalable and easy to understand, they all come with collision and have been tested in many situations. Since we don’t know how are they going to be used, we can’t predict their usage. However, in each trap, there is a section to put your logic to fit your game’s needs, it’s commented like every section in the Blueprints. Everything is made so it can make all the hard work for you, like our package Iconic Pickup Items we make sure to the end user doesn’t have to modify anything and just drag and drop and ready to go. Since we got more experience working with the engine, this pack is as much as flexible in Materials (and free useful Material Functions to use in other projects, just type Unforgiven inside Material Editor) as if it’s with the Blueprints, hope you guys appreciate it’s flexibility!

A far as adding new items, like Iconic Pickup Items, we plan on update or packages in a regular basis based on the feedback given and new ideas to improve the package. Glad we got your interest and hope the package is useful to all of you!

Yep nice !

The package is already for sale! You can get it here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread and would be happy to help you out.

Can a moderator change the thread prefix title to RELEASED? I can never find the way to do it myself, unless i can’ do that. Thank you!

Since most people are using the package to add Damage to the player, here is one way you can do it **easily **inside the Blueprint.

First, we must find the collision event created, it is right before the comment “Your Logic here”. If you wish to restart the level once the player was hit, just do the following:

If you wish to add damage:

Inside your Pawn’s Blueprint you can call the event “AnyDamage” and get the information from there. Like this:

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or send an email to, we will assist you to solve any doubt you may have!

A little update on this one! You can now try this package and check all the awesome features it has :wink:

Download it for FREE here!

+1 for advanced filters in the marketplace, especially “filter by price”