Customizable Characters Without Morph Targets.


I am a solo developer with experience in C based languages and four years (less than 10,000 hours) in the arts including traditional and three dimensional art.

So, it seems like there are tons of easy ways to create game content allowing players to choose the basic shape of their avatars’ cheeks, forehead, lips, etc through blending morphs and some neat localized/dropoff mesh manipulation tricks.

I don’t want that. I want to make a library of noses for the player to choose from, and I want them to seamlessly blend into the base mesh while replacing the original feature. I’m really trying hard to research this functionality and seek out more experienced programmers who could give me some tips, but I’m just not finding anything on the subject. I will continue to think about this and seek out others for input on my own, but any and every bit of information you can provide to send me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time reading this.
Jones Crimson.

Have you checked out the Manuel Bastioni Laboratory?

From what I understand, it uses a base mesh then adjusts it via code rather then morphs.
But I could be wrong.

Still, might be a place for you to start.