customizable artist props

Customizable Artist Props

link :…e-artist-props

video link :

price : 7$

collection of artist tool, part of the tool are customizable.

list of customizable tool are : paint, canvas (partial), easel, chair.

note : for canvas, putting image must done manually on UV (see video).

store description :
Optimized Artist tools with customized colors on : Chair (colored), Paint , Canvas , and Easel (style 3).

LOD and collision are applied.

Item list :

  • paint
  • brush
  • Easel
  • Canvas
  • Brush_Can
  • Pallet
  • Chair

note : image are custom made.

  • Low Vertices
  • LOD system
  • Custom Colors on Easel, Paint, and Chair
  • Simple Collision

Texture Sizes: (varied)

  • 1024x1024
  • 512x512
  • 256x256

Scaled to Epic skeleton: yes
Collision: Simple Collision
Vertex Count: varied
Number of Meshes: 52
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 110
Number of Textures: 250
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: In video