Customised fishing

Hello all,

First-time caller, long time listener here.

I have been working through some intricacies with the Ark Survival Dev Kit and have hit a bit of a stumbling block, and this is specifically in handling fishing and different types of bait.

The main issue that I currently have is that all the types of fishing bait are actually a separate item with the rod so for example:

Base Item - WeapFishingRod

but if you want to change bait type it creates a new “weapon” I believe



so the problem I am faced with is I am unsure how I can change the item from a fishing rod to baited fishing rod so that it works on my custom fishing loot tables:

specifically: LootItemSet_GenericFishingLoot_ModName

The whole idea that I aim to do was replace the vanilla fishing loot tables in a clean stackable way, and I felt doing this via a custom rod would be the easiest way to do it.

Any help or advice on this issue is greatly appreciated!