Customisable Icons In Game

I Want To Make An In-Game Customisable Guild Icon But I Can’t Find Any Tutorials On How To Do This. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas How To Do This? (I Don’t Want Anything ‘Insane’ Just Simple Drag And Drop Icons.)

Hi! The easiest way to make customizable icons is to split your “icon” to several layers, for example border, inner image and background. Then, for each of these layers, create several variants in a painting program. For example, create border1, border2, border3 … and the same for others.

In your game, import all these textures and create a material. There, you composit those three layers (in the correct order using texture sampling) and add color variations if you want. To allow player to choose different icons, give him ability to choose each of the textures you created (and colors) in the UMG widget and supply these values to the material. Make sure the material is converted to dynamic material instance.

To the display this icon anywhere else, you always need to either supply that same dynamic material, or supply the texture names and colors to recreate it (for example in a new scene). The second option is also useful when you want to save the configuration to a file.