[Customer Service] Still trying to change my email address - Resolved

Hi Customer support,

I’m still trying to change my email address.

I contacted you some time ago, with my wish to change my mail addy, you told me to wait a bit, there will be something in place soon™.
Still waiting for that soon.

And it really is not helpful to have such things (…s-account&l=en) in the help section, if they don’t exist or are not accessible to fill out.

**There is no Contact Us link anywhere in the account section. **

So please contact me. I really want to get this done soon, so i can buy more stuff from the marketplace. (which i won’t if it is still on the old email address, since it is not from my domain).




All done and well done. Even on a saturday.

Thx again Milan

Mods, please move that to the appropriate section. Didn’t see i was in Docu Feedback, sorry.