Customer Service - Can't be serious?

So far the last 2 months I’ve been attempting to unlock my epic account after compromised from old forum password leak.

Most emails go without follow up. The epic support page is now fortenite or some such.

I’m a game developer; here are the set of questions I’m supposed to answer; bearing in mind this compromise was rooted in epic’s inability to secure its forum software.
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  1. What tier are you currently in the Battle Pass?
    4. Have you ever purchased any bonus tiers (the one for 150 V-bucks) on this account?
    5. When was the last time you purchased V-bucks on this account, and in what amount? [TABLE=“border: 0, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]
    [TD]You can feel free to play on your account while we’re getting back to you,


:smiley: Have to laugh at this point. I don’t even know what a v-buck is.

Anyone else seen similar performance?


i think those are fortnite related questions.

He is referring to the current support page being Fortnite “themed” and not having a separate support page for UE4.

@Paultech I know it’s not ideal, but Epic is in the process of revamping their support currently so they are using the Fortnite support page as a temporary solution until the new system is ready.

It is not a theme, It is fortnite centric support. Don’t label it “epic account support” then.

“Ideal”, its been 2 months man.

Theme part was just a joke man! :slight_smile:

There’s nothing I can do to about it though, we have to wait for epic to change it.

3 month anniversary of inability of support to fix problem. Replies to open case now auto-respond with “You are replying to a closed case”.

Still unable to purchase: