Customer Request for Marketplace Creators!

Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of many marketplace items already and find myself enjoying learning as much possible as I continue to experiment with UE4. I am constantly looking toward the next update of items, and recently just learned of the Trello (duh) to vote.

With that being said there is one aspect I am hoping to encourage creators to improve upon, and many have already begun doing this. Its providing tutorials on how to maximise the use of your asset packs.
Its my thoughts since I am assuming the UE4 Marketplace is like the Unity Asset Store in which the majority of purchases are made by weekend hobbyist or beginner/novice devs. If I am right in that assumption (sorry to assume) then a lot of people become stumped on where to take there purchase.

(I’ll use the term ‘Them’ and ‘That’ as terms for all purchases)

When speaking from personal experience, I’ll make a purchase and play with it. Learn what I can, how I can. Eventually I place my assets into a folder on my HDD and think to myself “Now that will come in handy after I learn _____” Sadly I sometimes never return to them. Why? Because I have learned what they can do, how to manipulate them, how to manage them, but never fully recognize how to effectively USE them, transition them and to get the most of them.

I’m sure a lot of people that have experience would think, well that’s the hurdle things. And I 100% understand that. But just as it is to the professionals, it is to us. Time is costly!
When it comes to strike out into the WWW and locate a tutorials on how to make changes to expand upon assets it can get really confusing and difficult. To further explain what I am getting at, here are some examples of questions I have seen :wink:

  • how to change particle effects on a Spell Casting BP asset
  • add a Character model asset to the Third Person Template
  • Add a weapon to a FPS temp.
  • Adjusting scaling of materials.
  • Changing HUD elements on an Inventory BP.

(Some I have asked and others are just examples of what I think would be questions)

These might not be the best examples but I am hoping people can follow what I am referring too. Ultimately, a tutorial offered as part of the pack would go insanely far for people like myself. I do know that many creators are every engaging and open to emails, help and questions but at the same time, many are not. People are busy :slight_smile:

Its my belief that by adding effective tutelage with your packs/items/models would warrant almost a premium. One that I’d be happy to pay. Notes and comments on BP are great but for many have a visual step by step process is extremely valuable. Correlating tutorials, I love them :slight_smile:

I hope no one considers this as being lazy or being out of line :slight_smile: Its a true consideration and request. I’d love to hear what people think regarding this. Thanks for your time,



On Unity’s Asset Store the better packs offer video clips, sample scenes and tutorials with step by step instructions on how to integrate the pack into other projects (PDF). Its super helpful! If that’s asking too much, I’d like to see complete sample scenes included anyway (with code where appropriate), because it lets you play around with the pack immediately…

Hey Winterstone! Documentation is something I’m certainly looking into for my content packs. For me it’s not a matter of if, but when. I just need to find the time to put them together.

It isn’t lazy, or out of line at all. It’s definitely a good thing to have, as you have people with a wide range of experience levels purchasing content who can benefit from a guide. =)