Customer event will not be called?

Hi guys,

I read a lot of answerd questions about my issue but nothing helped. I created in a spline actor an custom event. And I wanted to cast it from a cylinder actor. Just for testing. And I can create the nodes. All fine. Custom events inside of one blueprint were called but not the one outside. Do you have any idea where I did a mistake?

The idea was that the spline will later cast back positions. Thats all.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Did you set your “Move It” variable?

No I didn’t. How and where should I do this? I tried to make this call like in the content example fro UE4. There was the basic sample with the “tootle light”. I wanted to make the same. I didn’t find the spot where the variable was set there.

Thanks for your help.

There are three ways to set them.

  1. You get them via reference from another blueprint. Like for example your controller which you can easily get from your character or HUD via the function “Get Controller” or “Get Owning Controller”.
  2. Spawn the actor.
  3. Make the variable editable and then once you placed it select another actor in your level.

In general I’d highly suggest watching the blueprint videos from epic: Introduction to Blueprints (pre. v4.7) - YouTube

Or just do some other tutorials. It’ll take a bit until you get the hang of it (and I mean quite a bit. And I mean quite some time.