Custome Wyvern eggs and Changing spawn point

I have a custom wyvern, and I play on ragnarok. I wanted to find a way to have my wyvern spawn in the desert, with eggs. But I don’t know how to change that or make it so that works. All I can find are how to make other custom dinos locations change spots. And also, how do u get a wyvern to lay eggs so that you can grab and hatch them?

You will want to look at the actual wyvern nests for their egg stuff.

What do you mean by that? I don’t want them to spawn with the other wyverns, but do i look at the wyvern nest bps or whatever to answer that?

The actual egg laying in the world for wyverns and rock drakes are handled by their nests.

yes, so if I want them to lay eggs in locations i want, I have to make nests where I want them to spawn and lay eggs?

yes, I think you might also need actual instances of the creature nearby too though as I believe it pulls dino data off an existing one to generate the egg.

You may need to make a map extension with the nests for your wyverns to spawn custom eggs.