Custom Weapon in the wrong direction? pls need fix

Hello Community!
I have since weeks a problem with custom weapons. I have nice weapon models, but everytime i import it to ue4, the weapon is not in the right direction, mostly my character put the weapons in his hands but 45° …

I have read many suggestions and solutions like rotate the weapon in Blender, Maya or 3ds Max and i tried all of this.
I imported it to Blender, rotate it 45 or 90° but >nothing< changed ingame…

Can someone explain me how to fix this problem … maybe for idiots xD ? :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

How do you put the weapons? Attaching with blueprints? Manual attaching? Did you try to rotate the weapon 45deg inside the blueprint (if you are using blueprints)? @Sky001

I have here my Weapon Blueprint :o the problem is this: I test a project a friend send me and in this problem are already weapons, blueprints for the specific weapons, player blueprint etc etc
When i export the example weapon to blender for example, and import my new weapon also in the scene and make it similar to the example weapon, I import it - it shows in the wrong direction … :confused:

And yea i tried to rotate it in the weapon blueprint. The only solution i know is to rotate the playermodels “hand” socket :o but then all weapons except my new one are in the wrong direction …

Hmm, are you importing with the default settings or? Could you post a screenshot on your import settings inside UE4? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the very very late answer, yea i solved it with the import settings and rotate it :o - Thx for all ur help :)!