Custom weapon click events

Hi, I need some help with editing a custom weapon I’m making. I’m having trouble figuring out how to add custom mouse events to the weapon. I’m using a spyglass as a base and for example I want to be able to change what happens when I press the right mouse button, when I scroll the mouse wheel, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks !

Just right click in the graph and look for whatever key it is you’re wanting, keyboard or mouse.

You can re-map the existing binded keys (fire and secondary fire and the like) or just use the base key (left mouse or right mouse for example).


Hey there,

I managed to get this working the other day, with a little help from the community. Just add this blueprint to the equip-able, then you’re free to add event listeners such as mouse/keyboard input.


If you would like the equip-able to still function (such as a spy-glass zooming in, or a weapon firing), then un-tick Consume Input and Override Parent Binding on the event listener.

Wow, glad i saw this. Cant believe i didn’t look when setting mine up. i feel like a dumb dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aingor, I already saved you the work!

Will be updating my scopes shortly.