Custom Virtual Joystick?!

I would like to edit the default Virtual Joystick für my game. I want to archive to move the center of the joystick at runtime. It should finterp-follow the players-finger.

The problem: I cannot cast in any way to this joysticks x/y position, i cannot add custom joysticks at runtime, so i think the only way to archive this is somehow with c++.
But I’m a total noob at c++, so can you give me a hint like what files i may need to edit, and how i can access is later via BP? I only want to change this two variables (centerX, centerY).
It’s critical for my game, so i hope you can help me…

“\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\GameFramework\Touchinterface.cpp”
I think I’ve found the right file. Inside there is the method “void UTouchInterface::Activate(TSharedPtr<SVirtualJoystick> VirtualJoystick)”. I know there is an “Activate Touch Interface” Node in Blueprint. Is this related? Does this mean I can simply add my own methods in this file and they will auto generate a blueprint node? Or have i to build the whole engine after i changed this?

How can i change the value of SlateControl->Center?
SlateControl->Center = {x,y} or do i need something like this:
SlateControl->Center = SlateControl::MakeCenter(x,y)

i know thats a lot of questions. Sorry.

I created a new c++ class. child of touch interface. inside I created a custom blueprint node. But now i cant use this new class as a touch interface object to activate a new joystick, because it’s a “Blueprint Class” and not a “Touch Interface Object Class”. AND i can’t get any reference to my new class, maybe because Utouchinterface is direct child of UObject?

And i haven’t resolved how i can get the old joystick slatecontrol, split it, set the new center value, update the joystick.

Whatever, im really frustrated, and need someone smart to help me out of this misery :wink:

Too bad that no one replied you on this. Just landed on an exact similar problem.

There is a option called prevent recenter.If you uncheck that then it will go to your finger position