custom view inside a car

Hi all!,
I’m making some tests in my spare time, my aim is to set a internal view of the car where the palyer can only watch around…nothing more :slight_smile:
But here is the trouble:
if i try to put the “player start” inside the car, I must remove all the collision box from the meshes of the car (otherwise the player will be placed under or above the car),
then I created a my own caracter and game mode (creating all the inputs for this player and erasing the player start), I am able to place my caracter where I want by placing a “set world location and rotation” node inside the caracter Event graph, but I don’t know why it is facing the wrong direction and I’m not able to turn it 180° on the Z axes (I know that I can leve it as is and turn the car to solve the issue, but I’d like to solve the other way).

Thanks :slight_smile:

In your character blueprint, make sure your your camera is parented to something else (like an arrow). Then you should get your traditional transform tools.

hi Stache,unfortunately in my character blueprint there is no camera, just a capsule component, an arrow component and a mesh, nothing more: I tried adding a camera component and rotate it, bud doesn’t worked, I even tried to parented my caracter to an object and rotate that object but still doesn’t work.
…I can’t figure out how such a silly thing needs so much effeort :wink:

The right way to do this is to have your player posess the car pawn, unposess the character pawn and hide and remove collision from the character pawn.

If you start in the car, you do not need a character pawn at all

Check out documentation about pawn and player…

You should check out how the vehicle blueprint template project has it set up, you can use Tab to cycle between the camera modes, the one inside the car should work for your needs.

You are right fred64, i will start in the car (i’ll check out the documentation about player and pawn
tarr_bot I still tired to look inside the vehicle blueprint demo but it has got too many interactions thatconfuses me too much.

I have done a little step further: I have attached a “controller yaw input” to my character event graph (where I set its poisition in the scene), one strange thing is that I had to put the value of 215 for having a rotation of 180° why that?!? :confused:
Wel, now the scene starts where I want to look at (forward the car) but one new strange thing happening now, when I play the scene with my Oculus, it starts each time 180° reverted (one time starts looking forward and the other time looking backward, seems that with the VR mode the system caches the beginning rotation of the player at the time of the exit of the game and apply to it 180° rotation at the new beginning of the game)