Custom Vehicle with Structure Surface issue.

So I am attempting to make a custom vehicle that can have placed objects (structures) on it. I have the vehicle made and working, based on the PrimalDinoPawn class like the raft is. I have added a surface structure to the vehicle but so far it allows objects to be placed but they do not attach to the vehicle, they end up just floating in the location they were placed. Any idea or function I need to make that work would be loads of help.
Thanks in advance,

Or at the very least can someone help me find the functions that force the raft on to the water. Currently I am trying to make the blimp, only reason I was trying to use another class type, in this case primal item, instead of basing it off the raft was due to being unable to get the raft to fly or land on the land properly.
If someone can tell me the functions needed to get it to fly that would be awesome.
These are the settings I’ve tried.
-Can Fly
-Is Flying Dino
-Air control (all of them)
-enabled jump to start flight
-can jump

None of these seem to effect its forced attachment to the water. I am more of a generalist that leans toward art than a programmer so forgive me if there is graph-able functions to change this.
Thanks in advance.

On the character bp for the raft:

On the primal item bp for the raft:

Thank you, I have these settings disabled. So far if the blimp is in the water it never leaves, and if I put it on land it will go up into the air only with repeated jumps, and it falls straight down.
I have another based on the quetz which does exactly what I would like this one to do, I have tried replicating the settings from these to no avail.

I have also tried forcing all these settings in the construction script, without much of a change.

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I spent several days trying make the raft fly several months ago and could not get it to work. I’m pretty sure there are some un-exposed variables that control some of the raft functions and without that access there is no way to change it that i know of.
Your best bet would be to stick with the quetz as the base and just edit it to be more like a vehicle.
I’m assuming you do not wan’t it to have an inventory, have ai or need to be fed. You can just delete the primal inventory from the components to remove the inventory, modify the character status bp to make it not eat and remove the ai controller to disable the ai.
That’s what we did for the X-Wing & Tie-Fighter in Stark Wars.