Custom Vehicle is not moving and wheels not colliding with floor

Hi, this is Eta, I am making a custom humvee vehicle using wheeled vehicle blueprint by following the documents Vehicle User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation
However, my wheels do not collide with the floor but fall in, and my car cannot move or rotate.
However, the anim BP wheel handler is working, the wheels will fall from their original locations, but still not colliding with floors, I checked the collision is smaller than the one in physics asset, though how many times I edited them, it is still not working.

Could someone help me out with this?
Thank you so much

119556-riggedhumvee— (1.24 MB)
this is the link for downloading the humvee fbx file

first and for most the bone orinatation of the vehicle and the wheels is wrong they MUST be x=forward and z=up
in the physic assest make the wheels simple spheres and set the mode to kinematic
in you vehicle bp make sure you have your wheel bp’s and the correct bones applied

It has already done, thank you all!

Helllo, sorry for post in long time thread but how can you fix it

Here is the answer:

Something I noticed is if you mistakenly try and use the Chaos Plugin with a regular 4.26 version and not using 4.26-Chaos Engine Version, it will do nothing or similar results to above. Perhaps this is your issue? If so You’ll need the 4.26-Chaos Engine Version downloaded through the launcher. Its all the way at the bottom for me.

Pretty sure my Chaos Physics problems stem from not setting the units to 0.01 and centimetres in Blender. the Scale looks fine in the game but the physics are wrong.

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