Custom Vehicle has crazy Physics [Noob Help]

I’m following through the “Introduction to Vehicles in UE4” Youtube Video, but using my own car model, made in Blender.

When i try and play the game [3:22 in the video], my car goes crazy, which can be seen better when simulated in this Video.

I’m sure it’s a very simple mistake, but for all the googling i’ve done, i can’t figure out how to solve it.

Sorry, fixed now, thanks!

This video is private.

Hello badmanwillis,

That is quite unique, but it could honestly be anything from the skeleton itself or the way the physics body are set up. Could it be possible for you to upload the FBX for this asset? I’ll take a look and see if I can find out the issue.

Hi, i’ve fixed it now. For whatever reason, the physics bodies being created automatically cause this error, but simply deleting them and redoing it solved the problem.

That is good practice, usually the automatically generated physics body doesn’t work correctly and creating your own is always beneficial.