custom UV's

Is it possible to use (or maintain) custom UV’s? I imported a model with custom UV’s and textured in RC then exported. The exported UV’s were different than my custom UV’s (the look like RC default UV’s).

Hi Bill

yes its possible to use custom UVs, and when they are imported and NOT use UNWRAP then the UVs are preserved and used in txtring

Hi Wishgranter,
I exported a mesh from RC and created custom UV’s in another program. I then imported the mesh back into RC and textured it. I DID NOT run UNWRAP in RC. I exported the textured mesh and opened it in the program I created the UV’s in and the UV’s had been modified by RC. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to import UV’s into RC?

Hi Bill

can explain what sw are used for the UVs ? as it WORKING without issues from our testing…

when the OBJ is imported, just hit TXTRING or use UNWRAP again ?

Hi Wishgranter,
Looks like problem was with the model coming from modo. I imported the modo model into ZBush and got a message that the mesh contained nonstandard polygons (more than 4 sides). I choose to split those triangles into Symmetrical Triangles only. I exported the model from ZBrush and textured it in RC. The custom UV’s did not change this time.

Definitly a problem importing obj files from modo. I posted more about it in the Bugs report section. Here is a link to that thread:
File not found message

Hi Bill Isenberger

thats the issue when someone is not doing it homework properly…

take a look on very good import plugins for OBJs and see what other say about it.

some last notes:
My importer refuses to import crappily formatted exports from other applications.
If you don’t like this type of behaviour, you can always use Polytrans,
but be ready to watch a backwards running progress bar.
You will also get a camera imported that you don’t need which is placed incorrectly.
Yes, Polytrans has an option not to add a camera, but even when this option is selected a camera is still added.
Here is a little tip on the progress bar issue, if you don’t update the progress bar after every byte is read,
it will be much faster. Hmmm and they call themselves ‘professionals’

its realy annoying to see what people are doing to this poor obj-format
one of the worst is lightwave, version 9 and still no clue how to write a simple obj…
eq. a big vertextable for all objects, then before each face/quad the texture-coords, what’s that crap ?
2nd: some faces from object A, then some from object B, again some from A
vertex-indices positive, texture-indices negative tells a lot about how they “manage” their objects internaly
and i was thinking poser exports the worst format…

another tip for this riptide c4d exporter, why are no names of objects exported
why they are defined in a self-invented tag (#r) ???
or are there no names in the best app of the universe ?

PS: I realise I may offend some people by making such statements.
However, it makes me happy knowing that at the very least, I managed to inform of you of such issues.
We have a right to expect more from software developers.

Hi Wishgranter,
I actually used that plugin back when I used 3ds Max. I jumped the Autodesk train quite a while ago and mainly use Rhino now, and sometimes modo. There are a lot of similarities between Lightwave and modo. Actually modo was created by some of the Lightwave gang that jumped ship. Yep, it would be nice if these vendors took the time to make their software right. Anyway it looks like Pixologic might have it right.