Custom url scheme for iOS app

Does anybody successfully set the custom URL scheme for the iOS app from the Project settings in the UE4 Editor?

I set the value in the “Additional Plist Field” then launched the app on the device.
My app runs fine, but my iPhone does not recognize the url scheme of ue4myiosapp:// .

The value which I set to field is


Thank you in advance.

You can verify that key-value makes it in to the generated plist by either looking in the Game/Intermediate/IOS directory (Engine/Intermediate/IOS if it is content only) or by opening up the IPA with a zip utility and looking at the included plist. I would suggest doing both just to make sure it is in both places. If it is not in the final plist in the IPA, let me know as that means there is a bug of some kind.


Report it as a feature request. I don’t think we realized somebody might want to override the URLScheme so it just needs to be added as a project settings.


Thank you for your reply Pete.

I checked info.plist in the IPA file and found following line only for the url scheme.


It is obvious that the value of ‘ue4dev’ comes from the “Bundle Name” field of the Project settings.

I also confirmed that I can launch my app with ue4dev:// url scheme, but could not from the ue4myiosapp:// that I expected.

Should I report this behavior as a bug or feature request?

How I can get URL after start app?