Custom UPrimaryAssetLabel is not visible in Asset Audit

I’ve created my own [FONT=courier new]MyPALabel inherited from [FONT=courier new]UPrimaryAssetLabel. I’ve added [FONT=courier new]MyPALabel between Primary Assets in Editor/Asset Manager. The problem is, this custom PrimaryAssets ( I tried also to inherit from [FONT=courier new]UPrimaryDataAsset ) is not shown in the Asset Audit window. Like it’s visible in drop down menu on the top, but when I click Add Primary Asset Type nothing is added. Also no chunk is creted based on this custom primary asset. I’ve also added [FONT=courier new]UCLASS([FONT=courier new]Blueprintable[FONT=courier new])but no change. What am I missing please ?

Hello. Were you able to solve this problem?

I was able to use the custom label. It seems to me it’s all about Project Settings → Packaging.
I enabled “Cook everything in the project content directory (ignore list of maps below)”. Maybe this is not quite right, because if the content is not used, it’s still placed in zero chunk. But this can be adjusted by excluding directories in the “Directories to never cook” list.

It seems to work that way. I hope this helps you too.