Custom UPrimaryAssetLabel is not visible in Asset Audit

I’ve created my own [FONT=courier new]MyPALabel inherited from [FONT=courier new]UPrimaryAssetLabel. I’ve added [FONT=courier new]MyPALabel between Primary Assets in Editor/Asset Manager. The problem is, this custom PrimaryAssets ( I tried also to inherit from [FONT=courier new]UPrimaryDataAsset ) is not shown in the Asset Audit window. Like it’s visible in drop down menu on the top, but when I click Add Primary Asset Type nothing is added. Also no chunk is creted based on this custom primary asset. I’ve also added [FONT=courier new]UCLASS([FONT=courier new]Blueprintable[FONT=courier new])but no change. What am I missing please ?

Hello. Were you able to solve this problem?