Custom UMG cursor working ?

I trying to make a custom cursor for my menus, in the UMG.
I added a image and i moving the image using the cursor position in the viewport, but i get the image and the windows cursor over.
If i turn off the “Show Mouse Cursor” in the player controller, the windows mouse hide but the buttons of the UMG don’t work, no get reply from mouse cursor.

Original post: [4.6.1] Custom UMG cursor working? - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums


We’re adding custom cursors in 4.7. They’re under the project settings “User Interface”.


1º- And don’t are an other way in the 4.6 ?
2º- And how that work ? Because i added a new cursor and at play give me a crash. (Generate a new UserWidget)(4.7 P5)
3º- Here are another problem/bug with cursor:

*Please add the styles for UMG because is annoying change all controls one by one…

  1. Nope, to be implemented correctly we had to modify slate application.
  2. There are some issues with cooking them right now, and some crashes we’re still fixing. Should be fixed in Preview 7.
  3. Not enough information for us to go on, you should post a little sample project showing what’s not working. Or tell us more with some screenshots of how things were setup.
  • That’s the plan for the future.

Thank :slight_smile: to reply all my questions.

The 3, for example if you make a menu with UMG an you have in that menu for example 1 button, at click in the editor play, without focus to the window of the game (viewport) only put the mouse over the button (and the button change like if the mouse is over him, and the mouse is over the button but don’t is focus the game/viewport) and if you press that button when the mouse is over him and press to click, you click the button but the mouse continue not focusing in the viewport of the game, like if the game button are from the editor.


I got problems with the cursors, if add new cursor is TOTALLY BROKEN 2 versions after and the engine crash all time…