Custom UE4 Engine?

Hello, i was wondering if i download the src code and add a couple of things in to make it more suited for my game would i be able to say give it to a friend without the market place and release a game with that custom engine.

PS when game is made in load screen it will still say made with UE4 and all mentions of Epic Games and UE4 will still be there. I just want to add features to make making my game easier thank you.


You can do this, but only to someone who has accepted the EULA, as this still pertains to the modified version.

Shouldn’t be a problem… Lots of folks download the source and add custom functionality to the engine… that’s one of the benefits over say a Unity engine is that its open…


Okay thanks for the answer

If u want to customize the Engine, u should fork it on github and create pull requests for changes u think might be usefull to others as well