Custom trigger volume

Hi all,
I want to create a custom trigger volume in BP with a camera attached to it- so when the player moves into the area the camera switches to the volumes camera.

I created a new actor BP and added components Box and Camera, but when I add this BP to a level, I cant change the box’s side, it only scales which scales the camera icon…

I’d like to be able to add this BP as a new actor to a level and then change the collision box’s size, and move the camera around

Is this not the correct way to go about creating this in ue4 ?


Hey axelZellalex,

If you’ve added the Box Component, you should be able to modify its size by changing the Box Extent vector. Here is what I would suggest to do instead. The way you currently have the BP setup may consume more time trying to tweak it just right within the component panel. Considering the camera will likely not face the same direction every time, trigger volume will definitely change. Its probably safe to use elements within the World. So to get access to these Actors, you must first create them in the world. Next create a BP and link them by creating the two editable variables, Camera Actor and Trigger Volume. Go into the component section and add a Billboard to make the BP easier to find. Create the rest of the Blueprint as followed in the image. After drag the BP into the World. Link the Volume and Camera you placed. Lastly, make the BP and Camera a child of the Trigger Volume. This will make moving easier.

i misunderstood how to use BPs in this context. I get you. makes perfect sense

Cheers !

hey SilentX, could I also do this as my bp with a component Box and then set a public class of Camera (which i assign via the world/level) ?
so when ever i drop in my BP i always have a trigger volume ready and i just need to add my camera ?

Yes you can. If you were to add the box component and remove the the trigger variable. This is all your blueprint would need.

yep! done and done!
only problem is, I dont think I can use View Target for what I want.
My current setup is a camera following the player (side scroller) on a “spring arm”. When I use Set View Target with new camera, it switches to it and doesnt follow the player anymore - which is understandable

I think my best bet will be to vLerp the current camera (on the spring arm) to the new volumes camera location? (rather than use Set View Target)

Its definitely possible, you won’t really know till you try! I hope this has helped.