Custom Tooltips don't disappear when Widget moves

Hi there,

So I am using custom tooltips on my UMG widgets, by binding the create tooltip widget function, and creating a tooltip using Create Widget inside of the bound function. The problem is, that whenever I am hovering over a widget and a tooltip is displayed, the tooltip does not disappear, if the widget under the mouse moves or is removed entirely. In the latter case this can cause the tooltip to stick around next to the mouse forever*. This problem does not occur, if I move the mouse away from a widget.

Is there a known issue concerning this, or do I need to do something differently?

*The tooltip disappears, as soon as I mouse-over another Widget with a tooltip, and is then replaced with the tooltip of the new widget.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Elewyth,

This is a known issue in 4.10. The way I’m getting around it is to find and remove the tooltip widgets explicitly, like this:

Not the world’s most elegant solution, but it works.

Thank you for your answer. I have since upgraded to newer versions of UE (currently 4.12) and I believe this issue is fixed now.

Thanks anyway :).