Custom Tick Function

Is there a way to register a function as a custom tick using delegates? I could of sworn I saw something about an event delegate that you could do this with but I can’t find it anymore.

What’s the end goal? You could call that function from within the tick function to make it run or you could have the tick function in an actor make a call to a function pointer. I don’t think you can directly reassign the tick call, though.

It was for movement presets, for some reason I was thinking of doing an external tick for some specific case, but I was being dumb about it at first and just created another internal movement function for my actor.

Just to clarify now that I’ve progressed further, I did create my own delegate that would be broadcast in the tick function of my base movement class, as a way to give specific movement patterns for certain actors. Much better solution than, for example, a large switch block in the tick function. It’s probably best to create your own delegate for something like this so you can specify where in the tick function it would occur.