Custom structure exposed on spawn must be reconnected every time to work correctly

I have an actor with an exposed variable on spawn (a custom structure) that only works (after loading up the editor) when I reconnect the graph:

Once I close and reopen the program, the spawned actor uses the default value for each array element until I reconnect the circled graph.

I tried saving the the custom structure values in a variable before applying them from the variable to the exposed spawn variable, but it doesn’t make a difference.

The custom structure consists of two custom enumerations and one integer.

Howdy DasMatze,

Thank you for your bug report. Would it be possible for you to share the actor asset so that I may further investigate the issue that you are experiencing? This would be of great help.

Thanks and have a great day!

Thank you for looking into it! I don’t know how to share only one asset, so I uploaded the whole project (minus the content backups). I hope that is ok.

To recreate it: Start the game and run over some items in front of you, then press Tab to view the inventory. All slots use the default values. Then open Blueprints/InventoryBP and in the “ListBrixGraph” find the spawn actor node, remove and reconnect the “Brix”-value. Repeat the play process and you’ll see everything appears as intended.

Howdy DasMatze,

I have looked into your issue, via your level that you have sent over, and have been successful with reproducing the issue. I have also gone ahead and tested your issue in an upcoming release and the issue is no longer occurring. I was able to pick up the objects and the inventory system was correctly showing them the first time I would Play in Editor.

I am going to close this issue for the time being, due to the fix being in a upcoming release. If you do see the issue occur after the release, please feel free to open this issue again so I can further investigate.

Thanks and have a great day!