custom structs in(to) BP


Ive been playing around with AI stuff lately and ran into a problem, that is, there is no “custom struct”, so to say, in bp. Now Ive found a workaround in my last project but this time its a bit more heavy (building a neuronal network)

to make it quick eventhough you dont know whats going on see this attachment


i need to store many values that are “attached” to the full numbers, like a kinda like a "Vector Array but instead of X,Y,Z i want to have all the small numbers and the index is decided by the ammount or red circles.

how could i do this in bp?

PS: for now i will use save games with an array, and use the savegame slots to add the other dimension, wich is ridiculously bad

I just found “user defined structure” as asset type.

I dont know how to really use it.

€dit allright got it.