Custom struct property binding for uwidget

I’m searching for a solution for my problem. I created an item slot widget in c++ which take in input a FItemSlot custom struct that contains a FName for ItemId, an int32 for StackSize and an UItem* for the item data (name, icon, …). I equally created in blueprint a user widget with item slot widget, but when I bind my FItemSlot with the item slot widget, it doesn’t work. No update.
Note I follow Rama’s tutorial but nothing. I don’t understand what I do wrong. I attach some screenshots to be clear.

Here is my .h file

My .cpp file

My UMG screen with my ItemSlotButton

If anybody has the solution, I’ll be grateful. Thanks.

My thought is that you are missing implementation in those two methods:

// UWidget
virtual void SynchronizeProperties() override;
virtual void OnBindingChanged(const FName& Property) override;

Check the TextBlock.h how they setup the binding there on those two methods.