Custom Stencil pass, numbers

I am curious about the custom stencil pass. When i am rendering it in sequencer as a custom pass, it still shows the numbers as in viewport. While in viewport this is very helpful, as a custom pass when i want to mask things in an editing software like nuke, those numbers get in the way. Is there any way to turn this off?
I am using 4.11 preview 7.
Best regards
Előd Somogyi

Hello. I am using preview 8 now, i checked the master branch aswell. Sequencer is quite nice there, i loved the features demonstrated on GDC. But this custom stencil with numbers is still present. is there any way to turn those numbers off when rendering custom stencil as a Custom Render Pass with sequencer?

Hey! The answer to this question lies in the Engine content: Make visible Engine content trough Content browser. Search for Custom stencil material. Do the folowing with it:

After this you are ready to edit your renders in Nuke or Aftereffects without the annoying Numbers. Best regards
Előd Somogyi

So this fix is already in my version (4.12.3) but the numbers still appear. I was able to remove them by myself but I have actually no Idea how I can use the pass that came out in After Effects for masking without keying the colors manually? The stencil it self also has a lot of aliasing on the borders. Flickering edges.

Is there a better solution since this post was started?


Yes,same problems here, waiting for solution.
Numbers are definitely needs to remove in render mode.